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Barbara Gilman

​Transformational Specialist Barbra Gilman issues an effective wake-up call, reminding us that the same ideas that brought us to where we are today are not necessarily the same ones that will take us to tomorrow.

Barbra Gilman has been working with individuals and groups for over 30 years, assisting people activate awarenesses to their personal/business success and emotional freedom—essentially teaching the rules to the game of life. More than a therapist/coach or a teacher, Barbra is a Transformational Specialist, offering tools, techniques and awareness’s that enable people to be the power and potency that is available for them as they clear limiting points of views and belief patterns (energy) on a deep cellular level.

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To learn more or schedule a session with Barbara please go to : http://barbragilman.com

be BOLD      be COURAGEOUS     be YOU

Guest Healing Practitioners

What possibilities could you create if you could turn everything that seems to be holding you back around to claim, own and acknowledge the greatness you actually are?

Barbara Gilman

Transformational Specialist

Access Consciousness &

​BARS Facilitator


Additional Healing Opportunities

Healing is a state of mind.  Its an act of play and possibilities.  At Inner Essence, we bring forth opportunities to expand into what IS POSSIBLE for you so that you can continue to PLAY in this journey called LIFE.

Make healing fun.  Make healing about freedom.  Checkout what Barbara and Michael have to offer YOU in seeking what goals in your healing you can achieve today!

2205 N Lombard Street, Suite 101 | Portland  OR | 97217