Additional Healing Opportunities

Healing is a state of mind.  Its an act of play and possibilities.  At Inner Essence, we bring forth opportunities to expand into what IS POSSIBLE for you so that you can continue to PLAY in this journey called LIFE.

Make healing fun.  Make healing about freedom.  Checkout what Barbara and Stefano have to offer YOU in seeking what you are capable of.​ 

Barbara Gilman

​Transformational Specialist Barbra Gilman issues an effective wake-up call, reminding us that the same ideas that brought us to where we are today are not necessarily the same ones that will take us to tomorrow.

Barbra Gilman has been working with individuals and groups for over 30 years, assisting people activate awarenesses to their personal/business success and emotional freedom—essentially teaching the rules to the game of life. More than a therapist/coach or a teacher, Barbra is a Transformational Specialist, offering tools, techniques and awareness’s that enable people to be the power and potency that is available for them as they clear limiting points of views and belief patterns (energy) on a deep cellular level.

He spent the next 10 years in Barcelona working for theatre companies, acting in movies and commercials, participating in theatre festivals around the world and starting his own sketch comedy variety show. Stefano has been performing in more the 15 countries.
He studied Stage Theater and film acting as well as taught workshops at the “Nouveau Clown Institute-Barcelona”.

He currently lives in Portland with his wife, Deanna (co-founder of Gourmet Comedy) and 3 year- old daughter who wants to do a show with her papà someday. He offers physical comedy and laughter therapy workshops in Portland in between touring the globe performing with his duo "The Beat Brothers". 

Guest Healing


To learn more or schedule a session with Barbara please go to : http://barbragilman.com


Guest Healing Practitioners

What possibilities could you create if you could turn everything that seems to be holding you back around to claim, own and acknowledge the greatness you actually are?

Stefano Iaboni

Stefano Iaboni is an international actor, clown, performer and teacher. He was raised in Rome, Italy, and found his way to a circus school in Holland in his early 20s. Not happy with the freezing cold weather, the food or the school itself, he took off for Barcelona where his career took a turn.

Feeling an inclination to move away from the traditional circus arts, he became inspired by the “physical comedy” movement through his work with master clowns such as Johnny Melville, Christian Atanasiu, Loco Brusca , Jango Edwards, Leo Bassi, Jef Johnson and Sergi Estebanel. 

Laughter Classes will be held beginning Tuesday, March 2017 6:30-7:30pm

Please check out EVENT's section for more details.  

To learn more about Stefano or sign-up go to his website: http://www.stefanoiaboni.com or call (971) 276-5109

Barbara Gilman

Transformational Specialist

Access Consciousness &

​BARS Facilitator


Stefano Iaboni

Laughter & Acting Coach