MOVE into the New You

Experience Rolfing™ which works on connective tissue, or fascia, to release tensions and tightness accumulated by applying pressure we allow the tissue to let go of their holding patterns, patterns that can be created by physical or emotional trauma. We can’t feel emotionally well if we’re not at peace with our bodies. 

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No injury is like that of being injured in a car accident, so why should your treatment be like everyone else's?

Unique approach to assist you

Heal the Whole You

RECOVER through

Emotional Resetting.

Treat your emotional trauma after an accident. Bicycle and motor vehicle accidents can create trauma to your body, mind and nervous system and activate PTSD pathways.

Stressed focused treatment soon after an injury or accident improves recovery and addresses symptoms like anxiety, PTSD, etc.

Emotional health is often affected by intense inflammation after an accident and a release of trauma chemicals in the brain and body. Addressing this response quickly and prevents long term trauma issues that may appear years later.

Vitalistic Chiropractic

Dr. Heidi Walrath, DC


Stress Resetting

Sawyer Salameh, MA, LMFT


Soft Tissue Healing & Rolfing

Melanie Holt, CR

Movement Therapy & Yoga
Mercedes Benyo, Yoga Instructor

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2205 N Lombard Street, Suite 101 | Portland  OR | 97217


HEALING through Gentle Chiropractic

​Our goal is to access the dynamic forces and turn them into constructive rather than destructive with the intention of getting you into a better place than you were before the accident. As a team, we are here for you.

*  Physical healing involves unwinding the force dynamics specific to your experience with gentle adjusting techniques.  These specific techniques tailored to your body;s expression of post-trauma. Dr. Heidi taps into her personal and professional expertise to help you move beyond recovery into possibilities.​

*  Emotional integration is a process of releasing the neurochemistry associated with the trauma experience within your body.  Utilizing intuitive and kinesthetic abilities we connect and support you to feel deeper into your process.

Movement Therapy ​designed specifically for you to reactivate your nervous system & connect you to your body.  Dr. Heidi & Mercedes create a personalized program to help heal your muscles through in-depth rehabilitative movement patterns that were lost during injury. 

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