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Holistic Healing


Naturopath. Nutrition. Functional Neurology.

Designed to simplify health and address individual needs. I specialize in root cause care. My goal is to educate, empower and motivate you to heal.

* Brain Health

* Cold Laser Therapy

* Nutrition

* Detoxification

* Autoimmune

* Hormonal Imbalances

* Fatigue

Dr. Kelly Prill, ND, DACNB

I have learned that health and wellness is always a work in progress. everyone wants to be healthy, BUT it is not always easy. my mission is to provide education about your health. the more you understand, the more motivating it is to make changes. I hope to empower you to take on new challenges to thrive and eliminate symptoms preventing you from living life to the fullest. my passion is the brain, and I believe that a neck down approach to disease is limited. I treat all of you! please schedule a consultation to learn more about my philosophy and how we would work together. my ultimate goal is to guide you to feel clear and vital so that you may go out and make your positive difference in the world. I am currently working on my fellowship to become a functional neurologist through seminars, patients and personal experience I have learned that I LOVE the brain.

My personal experience of health has taught me the importance of balance, and knowing that we can make these difficult changes with the right information and support I work hard to develop creative treatment plans that work with the reality of your life. I hold the philosophy of getting to the root of the problem, while providing you with tools for the rest of your life. Teaching prevention is a natural approach to health. my passion is working with brain health, prevention of neurological disorders and autoimmune conditions.

2205 N Lombard Street, Suite 101 | Portland OR 97217



 I hold the philosophy of getting to the root of the problem, while providing you with tools for the rest of your life.

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Dr. Kelly Prill, ND DACNB



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