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 Dr. Ida P. Rolf

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Holistic Healing


I grew up in the suburbs of Paris, France. I left in my early 20’s because I couldn’t breathe there anymore. I moved to the Alps to live a dream of mountaineering, climbing, skiing and hiking in nature. When I moved back to a big city (Seattle) for love, it was hard to acclimate. Then I found Rolfing. Rolfing helped me heal from a climbing injury (rotator cuff), and helped me find my balance in a new world and away from my mountains. Realigning my body allowed the crushed tendon to finally heal and it ‘realigned’ my thoughts and emotions. It also answered my question of “How can I alleviate suffering in the world?”   Well, one body at a time.

I am devoted to help people get out of pain. So much of our emotional pain is stored in our body that after a while we don’t know which one started. Was I depressed first or did my back start hurting first? I believe that by making you feel better in your body we can resolve a lot of trauma, big and small. Carpal tunnel for example can be dismissed as one of those pesky side effects of typing a lot on all our devices. But if you can’t knit, or carry your kids or open a milk bottle anymore because of it, then it becomes painful physically and emotionally.  And you deserve better. 

When the body gets working appropriately, the forces of gravity can flow through. Then, spontaneously the body heals itself.”

my goal is to help you go back to a place where you can enjoy life fully.

Melanie Holt, C.R.

Certified Advanced Rolfer

A Rolfer™ works on connective tissue, or fascia, to release tensions and tightness accumulated over the years.  By applying pressure we allow the tissue to let go of their holding patterns, patterns that can be created by physical or emotional trauma

Dr. Heidi Walrath, DC

Vitalistic Chiropractor




Melanie Holt, CR

Certified Advanced Rolfer

Mercedes Benyo
Office Mgr, Yoga Instructor

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