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Conscious Healing


Innate Wisdom


It is our mission to consciously assist individuals with our hands and heart by delivering gentle integrative chiropractic care with the intention of healing dis-ease and integrating dis-function, so you may express more fully your infinite wisdom,

your Inner Essence.

Heal the WHole YOU

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2205 N Lombard Street, Suite 101  |  Portland, OR | 97217



Chiropractic from the

Experience What's Possible, Experience Chiropractic


What to expect when you begin care with us.

At Inner Essence, we see the world differently.  We see healing potential in every aspect of you. We understand that to truly heal, you must want to heal at the cellular level.  There must be a congruency, a listening and an honoring of your inner brilliance that is your living body.  We expect change.  We expect a deeper listening to occur.  Pain may resolve quickly but that doesn't mean you are healed.  Expect to HEAL not just your pain but YOU because you are worth it.