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"Dr. Heidi is as amazing a chiropractor as she is a person. She always goes above and beyond for me, often even bringing her work home and figuring stuff out for me outside of the office. I suffer from a lot of headaches, muscle/back pain, fatigue, etc. but could never afford to get the long term chiropractic help I needed. Not only did Dr. Heidi help make it more affordable for me, but she is the best and most knowledgeable chiropractor I have ever worked with. She is extremely intuitive and seems to know my body and what it needs even more than I do! I feel amazing after every visit and am very optimistic that I will heal under her very able care"
- Maria T.

"An adjustment by Dr. Heidi is delectable in the way that fine dining is. That is, I feel a profoundly DELICIOUS quality to discovering new flavors in myself, sensations, unexpected and intuitive combinations and connections.  Dr. Heidi's subtle touch is like the genius Nose of a master perfumer, she sniffs out places deep in the body, brings light to dark neglected   corners, coaxes stubborn and shy bundles of energy to differenet places, steers those little devil knots of pain out and up to the surface. I am particularly admirative of the BRIDGE that Dr. Heidi's practice builds between the art of CHIROPRACTIC and the art of HEALING. Dr. Heidi's attentiveness to the energy at hand addresses the intertwined expressions of both physical and emotional wellbeing.  She has navigated my physical and mechanical tensions with surprisingly emotional results: previous shoulder and neck / chest / lung adjustments have triggered deep release of childhood hurt, streams of tears of relief;  during a more recent adjustement, she found The Spot, trapped it, moved it, tamed it, and then tricked it with a sudden FLICK: it was dispersed away!  The result was a rush of open breath in me and a fit of hysterical laughter that lasted a solid 5 minutes!  Through Chiropractic, Dr. Heidi has found her innate gift of touching the Unbearable Lightness of Being in a person, that magical stuff that only natural healers can access

- Jez Fern

"Thank you Dr. Heidi for your ability to recognize and meet people at their level, and tailor your gift to match their readiness, such a powerful gift. Your encouragement through ones process and your patience to wait for their process is beautiful.  Each shift in my healing journey,  I found you patiently waiting and supporting while encouraging me to push to feel and live life in honor of my purpose and even when i get lost, you don't try to navigate for me, you just challenge me to explore from within to find my clarity.  Your work with my physical and emotional body helped me recharge when needed and reminded me that I have the power within if i just let go. I have learned how to connect with my body and help my body heal by learning to listen to it and connect within.  Thank you for your wisdom and guidance." 
- Jody E.

"Dr. Heidi is so knowledgeable in all things chiropractic, fitness, supplemental, and nutritional. I have a herniated disc, shoulder injury, recent knee surgery, and was also rear-ended in a car accident which gave me horrible whiplash and a whole host of other back issues. Dr. Heidi has really taken the time to understand all of my physical ailments and their origins which are mainly sports and stress-related. She has helped not only relieve my pain with adjustments, supplements, and diet suggestions, but she has given me exercises to maintain the adjustments. She has helped me develop better movement patterns and habits that I not only use in rehabilitative exercise but in my daily life. My journey is far from over but I know with Dr. Heidi's guidance and my own diligence, I will get back to doing all the things I love! Thank you, Dr. Heidi!"
–  Julie B.

2205 N Lombard Street, Suite 101 | Portland  OR | 97217