Vitalism is a philosophy that embraces the innate energy of living beings by acknowledging that we are not machines, that there is an innate life force within us that guides, heals, restores and holds knowledge of the Universal energies connecting us to all living things.

 It recognizes that in order to heal we must not only heal on the physical level but we must also free up and heal on the conscious field level.

Principiled Chiropractic

As chiropractors, it is our job to ensure that this Innate Intelligence can express fully and that interference called Subluxation is removed, allowing for the body to do what it does best- heal.  Subluxations are an interference with the Innate Intelligence and chiropractors remove interference through skillful connected chiropractic adjustments.


Chiropractic philosophy embodies a philosophy of 33 principles that make us unique from any other healthcare profession.  It is our philosophy that Innate Intelligence expressed through every cell, healing the body, and guiding the body to do what it needs to do.  We recognize that there is a knowledge within the body that is masterful and that power that made the body heals the body.


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