the MOVEMENT Room  

We are excited to now offer this space as part of our healing center.  Join us for special events and monthly workshops.

This space is also available to rent. Contact our office for more information.

 Intro To Body Scanning

 July 23nd @ 6pm

Waves of Breath
June 11th @ 6pm

Inbodiment Retreat

Beginning June 25th @ 6:00pm

Ends June 28th @ 12pm

Its All Begins with Your Feet
July 9th @ 6pm​

The Waves of Breath

Led By Dr. Heidi

We hear about Breath. Breathing. Connection. Focus.  But, what if you put that all together and let the waves guide your consciousness?!?

Join Dr. Heidi as she walks you through this guided adventure within.  Connecting to the the waves of breath after the primary breath can lead to a greater understanding, increased sensation and awareness of the hidden places within your body.  Activate your creative imagination, and suspend your inner critic while diving into the body to learn its stories as these waves expand your feeling capacity..

When:   Tuesday TBD 6:00pm-7:00pm

RSVP Space is limited

Cost:     $15.00 


TUESDAY Evening: 6-8pm
Meet and Greet. Introductions and discussion on energy healing concepts
Participants share any specific health concerns they are experiencing

WEDNESDAY:  10am-1pm  &  3-6pm
DISCUSSION on Pain, Consciousness and our MIND-BODY relationship
Guided MEDITATION: Accessing awareness:  Bringing into focus
BREATH Exercise: Breath and your body. How to reach the inside corners.
DISCUSSION of concepts of awareness, focus and intention
MOVEMENT activity:  Where are you in space?
Guided MEDITATION: Body Scanning: Discovering your hidden secrets
QUESTIONS on concepts covered

THURSDAY: 10am-1pm  &  3-6pm
DISCUSSION: Questions from yesterday
DISCUSSION: Moving energy inside and outside, tension, disconnection, injury, stored emotions
BREATH Exercise: Creating space by accessing breath. Breathing with purpose and focus.
MOVEMENT activity: Activating body awareness
Guided MEDITATION: Changing direction, pushing vs pulling
DISCUSSION: Stored Pain- How to change your broken story
BREATH + MEDITATION:  Putting it all together
DISCUSSION:  Clearing and releasing the story
SELF Guided Application:  Each person focuses on one component of their body discovery to apply what they learned
CLOSING gratitude share

BEGINS: Tuesday at 6pm
ENDS: Friday at 12pm
COST: $250, plus lodging (Lodging is discounted rate for event)
BRING: Dress comfortably to move, bring a water bottle, and yoga mat if you have one. This workshop is best for students age 14 and up. 10 students max.

RSVP: or 360-642-2542 between 9am-9pm

2205 N Lombard Street, Suite 101 | Portland OR | 97217


JOIN US for this amazing RETREAT

Inbodiment: Applying Energy Concepts to Release Tension


JUNE 25-28th @ SouWesters Lodge

BEGINS: Tuesday at 6pm
ENDS: Friday at 12pm
COST: $250, plus lodging

(Lodging is discounted rate for event)

What stories are stuck in your body?
The “HOW to” look, listen and feel within led by Intuitive & Clairvoyant healer Dr. Heidi Walrath, DC

Inbodiment: is to inhabit. To bring into focus expressed curiosities and explore the expansiveness within your own body’s vibration to gain tangible, sensory awareness of self-body.

This retreat is for those who wish to strengthen their ability to heal thy self.  Dr. Heidi will guide you through activities, movement, breath and meditation techniques that bring you into your body, as she accesses her intuitive and clairvoyant abilities to assist you in gaining firsthand experience with what YOU feel like. Learn how to discover your hidden stories and how to release your own pain and discomfort.

It ALL begins with your FEET 

Back by POPULAR Demand!

Join Dr. Heidi as she shares how working with how the feet move can change the way you experience your body from the ground up.

Learn tips and movement exercises that rehab and start the kinetic chain from the ground up.  Heal foot, knee, back and hip pain and discomfort with these easy tips and tools!

When:   Tuesday July 9th 6:00pm-7:30pm

RSVP Space is limited

Cost:     $15.00



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2205 N Lombard Street, Suite 101 | Portland  OR | 97217


Intro to Body Scanning

Led By Dr. Heidi

Join Dr. Heidi as she guides you to gain tools and experience how to scan your body and energy field. 

Why would you want to scan your energy or your body?

Well, We all experience discomfort often feel like "there is nothing we can do about it".  But what if there was . . .AND What if there was a way to detect something going on before it screamed at you?  Body Scanning is a method of reconnecting with self-body and bringing you back inside you become aware of what's really going on when you haven't been paying attention.

When:   Tuesday July 23rd 6:00pm-7:30pm

RSVP Space is limited

Cost:     $15.00