Rehab your Muscles

2nd Friday of Every Month


Love Your Spine

3rd Friday of Every Month


The "How TO" Class

4th Friday Every Month

Heart Meditation Night


Breath Workshop
June 22

FOOT PLAY Workshop



This workshop is for those of you who have feet to play with. For those who wonder what they can do to listen and learn how to love their feet.  How to heal the years of waling all over them with love and understanding

We will go over techniques and teach you hands on feet healing  ways to unravel the tension and gain a deeper understanding how to move.

Fee $35.00 includes massage ball


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The "HOW TO" Class
4thr Friday @ 1:30pm -2:00 pm 

Come play. Learn how to manage your sore muscles with some tricks and tips to use for self care! This is a hands-on class and props provided.

RSVP Space is Limited  
$10.00 Fee for Non-Members
FREE For Current Practice Members  

3rd Friday of the month

1:30pm -2:00 pm 

​Gain a new insight into the importance of honoring your spine and how to create movement in your daily life with these subtle exercises.  Deepen your sensory and visualization abilities.

RSVP Space is Limited  

$10.00 Fee for Non-Members
FREE For Current Practice Members 


2nd Friday of the month   

1:30pm -2:00 pm 

​Learn muscle activation and how to, retain and regain stability and strength in a functional pattern that teaches you how to move as a whole body.

RSVP space is limited  

 $10.00 Suggested Donation for Non-Members

FREE For Current Practice Members 

Come Learn, Grow, & Play

BREATHE: Healing Breath Workshop

Guided: by Dr. Heidi

FEE: $10

Thursday June 22nd, 2017

7:00 - 8:00 PM

Breath is healing. breath in life. Learning to utilize your breath in a focused way to expand, let go can release all that is stored inside.  With a little practice and some dynamic coaching through this workshop you will gain stills to continue keeping your understanding of the power of breath.